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Introducing Lickety Script

Lickety Script is a web-based tool designed for developers to expedite the creation of Bash scripts.

  • How do I specify inputs?
  • How do I parse inputs?
  • How do I validate inputs?
  • How do I create help text?

These are basic features and it's a struggle to implement them for even the most basic of scripts.

Enter Lickety Script

It's a framework that allows you to get right to work on parts of your script that matter. All input handling is taken care of. All help text is created for you.

Simply write the part of the script that you need executed. When the script's execution gets to your code, all inputs will be parsed, validated, and ready to go!

Want to Help Out?

Help make Lickety Script better by logging issues and feature requests in the github repositories.

Lickety-Script backend service

Lickety-Script user interface

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